EAS travel grants
(from the EAS Guidelines)

     A limited amount of financial support for young astronomers will be provided through the European Astronomical Society. We apply rules similar to those of the IAU for their symposia.

     It is a requirement that the applicant presents a poster or gives a talk and that no sufficient other sources for funding the participation at JENAM are available. We are committed to give the majority of our grants to people younger than 35. We recommend that grants be given to a variety of nationalities, scientific fields, and that a balance in gender distribution is respected. Applications are to be reviewed by (a sub-committee of) the JENAM SOC.

     Grants will be paid to participants upon arrival. A receipt has to be signed for each grant by the person who received the money. Since the total amount of grants available is small compared to the expected needs, we can only contribute to the cheapest means of transportation and cheapest kind of accommodation.

     An application form must be filled in (electronically [Word format] or hand-written [PDF format]) by all participants requesting financial support, even if it is only a request for the registration fee to be waived totally or partially. This form should be signed and sent by regular mail or fax to the JENAM 2005 Secretariat before 15 April, 2005, or as attachment to an email to: jenam2005@astro.ulg.ac.be with in the subject line the words: "Request for EAS travel support".

Address of secretariat:

JENAM 2005, Denise Caro
Institut d'Astrophysique et de Géophysique
17 Allée du 6 Août
B-4000 Liège

Fax: +32 4 366.97.46