European Cooperation and Projects in Astronomy


Wednesday - 6 July 2005       Room: 304
08h30~08h55 Cosmic Vision, the ESA Science Programme
D. Southwood Director of the ESA Science Programme
08h55-09h20 Cosmic Vision, the ESA Science Programme
G. Bignami Chairman ESA Space Science Advisory Committee
09h20-09h45 The ESO Long Term Programme
C. Cesarsky Director General of ESO
09h45-10h05 Present and future of (ground-based and space-borne) Rusian astronomy
B.Shustov and Y.Ilyasov
10h05-10h30 Coffee
10h30-11h45 Round Table on Large European Astronomical Projects: Financing, Organisation and Industrial Readiness
Invited as participants to the Round Table (chaired by L. Woltjer)
R.M. Bonnet President of COSPAR, Director International Space Science Institute, Bern
H.R. Butcher President EAS, Director ASTRON, Dwingeloo
B. Collin Director General AMOS, Liège
R. Gilmozzi Director Paranal Obs./Head of Telescope Systems Division, ESO
P. Weissenberg   Director, Aerospace, security and equipment, European Commission
11h45-12h30 General Assembly of the European Astronomical Society


Wednesday - 6 July 2005       Room: R53
13h30~13h55 OPTICON Networks and Research Activities
John Davies

13h55-14h30 RADIONET Activities
Tom Muxlow

14h30-14h45 ILIAS overview
Gianpietro Cagnoli

14h45-15h00 Europlanet Overview
Michel Blanc

15h00-15h15 SKA Design Study
Peter Wilkinson

15h15-15h30 Astrophysical Virtual Observatory - Euro-VO
P. Padovani

15h30-16h00 Coffee
16h00-16h20 Astronet
Anne-Marie Lagrange

16h20-17h00 Marie Curie Programme (EU representative) plus discussion on careers in Astronomy (EAS).
Nicholas Deliyanakis

17h00-17h25 Extrememly Large Telescope projects.
Isobel Hook

17h25-17h50 OPTICON Access programme
Jesus Burgos-Martin

TBC = to be confirmed