Quasars: Host Galaxies and Gravitational Lenses

     This workshop is concerned with quasar studies along two lines.

     The nature and evolution of quasar host galaxies will be considered: their stellar and gazeous content, their dynamics and the interaction between the central AGN and its surrounding medium will be addressed, on the basis of a variety of observations. The current models will also be discussed.

     Quasars will also be considered in their role as light sources in the gravitational lensing phenomenon. Various applications of quasar lensing will be considered: microlensing, dark matter studies, cosmological applications...

Scientific committee for this workshop:

       Claeskens Jean-François    ULg, Belgium
       Combes FrançoiseParis, France
       Courbin FrédéricLausanne, Switzerland
       Letawe GéraldineULg, Belgium
       Magain PierreULg, Belgium (chair)
       Wisotzki LutzPotsdam, Germany

Plenary Talks:

Monday - 4 July 2005       Room: 304
11h10~12h00 Gravitationally Lensed Quasars: Multiple Images, Time Delays, Dark Matter
Joachim Wambsganss

Astronomisches Rechen-Institut (ARI) und Universitaet Heidelberg
Tuesday - 5 July 2005       Room: 304
11h30-12h20 Quasar hosts and the black-hole/spheroid connection
Ross McLure

Institute for Astronomy University of Edinburgh Royal Observatory

Afternoon talks:

Monday - 4 July 2005       Room: 204
13h30~14h00 Microlensing for distant quasars with the space interferometer Radioastron
14h00-14h30 RXS J1131-1231: a lensed host galaxy at z=0.66
Jean-François Claeskens
14h30-15h15 COSMOGRAIL, the COSmological MOnitoring of GRAvItational Lenses: expectations and first results.
F. Courbin
15h15-15h30 Poster Session
15h30-16h00 Coffee break
16h00-16h30 Light curves and variability of SBS 0909+532A,B
Aurora Ullán
16h30-17h00 Microlensing of the Fe K-alpha line and the X-ray/UV/optical continuum
L. C. Popovic
17h00-17h30 Power spectra of quasar microlensing light curves
Shalyapin, V.N.
17h30-18h00 Shadow shapes around Kerr black holes and retro-gravitational lensing
A.F. Zakharov
Tuesday - 5 July 2005       Room: S94
13h30-14h00 Discovery of new bright quasar candidates by the core - host galaxy ratio of their multiband images
Mickaelian, Areg M.
14h00-14h30 On-axis VLT spectroscopy of quasar host galaxies at z<~0.3
G. Letawe
14h30-15h00 Activity of BL Lacertae During 1997-2005: Long-Term and Intraday Variability
Kurtanidze O.M.
15h00-15h30 Investigations of galaxies with z>1
15h30-16h00 Coffee break
16h00-16h30 A link between the source of continuum emission and the compact jet in the active galaxy 3C390.3.
T.G.Arshakian (TBC)
16h30-17h00 Long-term and Intraday Variability of S5 0716+710
Kurtanidze O.M.
17h00-17h30 To velocities of a jet propagation
A. Miroshnichenko (TBC)
17h30-18h00 Poster Session

List of posters for this session:

1. Objects in the field of B0218+357
Sanhita Joshi, Ian Browne, Neal Jackson, Chris Fassnacht, John McKean
2. The Results of Long-Term Monitoring of Blazars at Abastumani Observatory
Kurtanidze O.M., Nikolashvili M.G.
3. CCD Photometry X-ray Selected Blazars
Kurtanidze O.M., Nikolashvili M.G.
4. A search for new microquasars in radio frequency ranges
A. Chuprikov, G. Tsarevsky, and B. Komberg
5. Imaging and spectroscopic study of X-ray selected AGNs: first results
Semkov, E., Bachev, R., Mihov, B., Strigachev, A.
6. Self-similar structure of the magnetized radiation dominated accretion disks
Mohsen Shadmehri & Fazeleh Khajenabi
7. Diffuse X ray radiation of AGN.
Hovhannisyan, M.; Hakopyan, A.; Gevorgyan, J.
8. The spectrophotometry of the galaxies Kaz 666 and Kaz 701.
Zhaklin Martirosyan
9. Optical Identification and Multi-Frequency Investigation of Extragalactic Compact Radio Sources
Artak N. Harutyunyan, Martik A. Hovhannisyan
10. The stratified broad line region of AGN: the two-component model
D. Ilic, E. Bon, L. C. Popovic
11. The stratified broad line region of AGN: the two-component model
D. Ilic, E. Bon, L. C. Popovic
12. Investigations of galaxies with z>1
13. 21-cm Absorption in Damped Lyman-Alpha Absorption Systems
S. J. Curran, M. T. Murphy, Y. M. Pihlstroem, J. K. Webb, C. R. Purcell