Outreach (English version)    

Everybody goes to the JENAM !

    In July 2005, hundreds of european astronomers will meet in Liège for the Joint European and National Astronomy Meeting (JENAM).

    Through conferences, talks and posters, the scientists will present there their latest results.

    Five main themes will be discussed at the JENAM :
  • Asteroseismology
  • Astrobiology and Solar System Exploration
  • Quasars: Host Galaxies and Gravitational Lenses
  • Technology Roadmap for Future Interferometric Facilities
  • Massive Stars and High Energy Emission in OB Associations
A summary of the JENAM is available here, and don't forget the official JENAM poster here.

    This European meeting is also the occasion for the general public to meet professional astronomers. They will show you the latest results of this fascinating and millenary science.

    All the activities proposed below are free and open to children as well as to adults.

There will be 3 public events:
  1. Travel in space:

    In the woods of the Sart-Tilman campus, come for a walk among the planets ! Along a 1km footpath, the Solar System objects are displayed: history, moons, jovian winds or martian canals won't have any secret afterwards! The sizes and distances of the planets are at the same scale : every meter you cover here actually represents 6 million kilometers in space

    When ? At any time. For more details, see the booklet (available only in French).

  2. Discover the sky

    One evening of the JENAM will be entirely devoted to the observation of the sky. This activity will begin by a conference unveiling the multiple aspects of our Universe; thanks to its numerous recent pictures (taken by the best spatial and ground-based observatories), the talk will be easy to understand from 7 to 77 years old! The evening will continue by a sky observing session using binoculars, refractors and telescopes (with the help of the Astronomical Society of Liège). You will learn to recognize the constellations, will discover double stars and the planets Jupiter and Venus.

    When ? Monday 4 July 2005, 20-24h (conference 20-22h, observing session 22-24h, if weather permits).
    Where ? Auditorium 204 and parking P11, amphis de l'Europe, Sart-Tilman
    For details, please contact:
    Yaël Nazé:  naze@astro.ulg.ac.be
    tél. 04 / 366 97 20
    fax 04/ 366 97 46
    André Lausberg:  lausberg@astro.ulg.ac.be

  3. "Science Café" :

    Where do we come from, are we alone ? These two questions were born with humanity... They will be the theme of a science café entitled 's there life in the Universe ?'

    For debating this very important question, renowned astronomers will be present:

    • Agustin Chicarro (ESA), responsible for the European spacecraft Mars Express
    • Emmanuelle Javaux (ULg), astrobiologist
    • Jean-Pierre Lebreton (ESA), european responsible of the Cassini-Huygens mission

    The debate will be animated by Serdu and Yaël Nazé.

    When ? Wednesday 6 July 2005, 20- 22h
    Where ? Salle academique, place du 20 aout, 4000 Liège
    For details, please contact : Yaël Nazé:  naze@astro.ulg.ac.be
    tél. 04 / 366 97 20
    fax 04/ 366 97 46