COROT       Week n°3


Plenary session
Tribute to Frederic Bonneau Annie Baglin
Achievements in instrument development, telemetry budget, and mission status Laurent Boisnard
New results on the flight model CCD Jean-Tristan Buey
Pernelle Bernardi
Vincent Lapeyrere
Results on the Point Source Transmission simulations Jean-Yves Plesseria
The scattered light level in the focal plane Annie Baglin
The candidates considered in the H&H3 and the problems encountered for some of them G. Berthomieu
An object off the Main Sequence, problems with the data analysis T. Appourchaux
An object in an ambiguous evolution stage J. Provost
HD 43318 - An Object in an Ambiguous Evolution Stage A. Mazumdar
Search for new primary candidates in the center direction: progress report E. Poretti
NGC6633: progress report A. Baglin
Introduction to SGBOWG activities C. Catala
Progress report on photometry R. Garrido
Progress report on spectroscopy C. Catala
Ground-based asteroseismology follow-up F. Bouchy
Transport of chemical species S. Vauclair
Non adiabatic analysis R. Scuflaire
Numerical tools comparison M.J.F.G. Monteiro
Excitation and amplitudes R. Samadi
A revisited description of acoustic mode- toward a more precise computation of eigenfrequencies P. Nghiem
K giants: new results from HST W.W.Weiss
Status of the COROT spectroscopic and photometric database E. Solano
sgbo_kaiser.ppt A. Kaiser
General introduction P. Barge
Planetary systems with COROT A. Erikson
Atmosphere temperature estimation on exosolar planets H. Lammer
Statistical mask reduction P. Guterman
Planetary transit ambiguities and strategies to remove them F. Bouchy
Multiplanet systems detection with COROT J. Schneider
The potential for detection around eclipsing binary stars H. Deeg
Modelling the rotational modulation of the Sun as a star: a method to enhance the detection of planetary transit signals in the presence of stellar activity I. Pagano
Spectral Classification in progress on the Xpls channel C. Moutou
The preparation of future exoplanets follow-up observations after the COROT launch J. Schneider
Strategy of radial velocity follow-up F. Bouchy
The requirments of the exoplannet core program P. Barge
Flare, microflares and rotational modulation in late dwarfs and RS CVn system I. Pagano
Pulsation and magnetic activity under the watchful look of COROT P. Amado
Subdwarf B stars: short period and long period pulsators St. Charpinet
What presently is missing to prepare the Be stars and HgMn stars program G. Alecien
Eclipsing binaries with pulsating components A. Gamarova
Detection and photometric monitoring of QSOs and AGN with Corot J. Surdej
COROT coordination with other space missions B. Foing
apwg_maceroni.ppt C. Maceroni
apwg_silvotti.pdf R. Silvotti
Reports of the WGs
Reports of GBOWG
Reports of SWG
Reports of APWG
The Sun as a COROT Target. Statistical Study. J. Ballot
The problem of external boundary condition in acoustic mode calculations P.A.Phi Nghiem
Corot multicolor photometric system: Limb-darkening coefficients for A-F stars C. Barban
Secondary Target Candidates for Asterosismology : Fundamental Parameter Determination for Be Stars Y. Frémat
Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope H. Voos
Non-adiabatic asteroseismology and the COROT space mission M.-A. Dupret
Oscillations of fast rotating stars: p-modes in centrifugally flattened polytropes F. Lignieres
Effect of convection treatment on non-adiabatic eigenfunctions J. Montalban
A Numerical Comparison of Stellar Oscillation Codes A. Mazumdar

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