COROT       Week n3

Wednesday, 4 december

Plenary session:Instruments
11:00-13:00 Recent developments
Achievements in instrument development, telemetry budget, and mission status (45') Laurent Boisnard
New results on the flight model CCD (60') Jean-Tristan Buey
Pernelle Bernardi
Vincent Lapeyrere
13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30-16:00 Instrument activities in Belgium
Results on the Point Source Transmission simulations (30') Jean-Yves Plesseria
The scattered light level in the focal plane (15') Annie Baglin
Equipment bay activities in belgium (20') Thierry Atkins
16:00-20:00 * COROTSKY a tool to select the targets and prepare the observations
(preliminary version)
* Visit to CSL
* Cocktail

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