58th Lindau Nobel Meeting... a few memories

As promised, here are a few pictures taken during the meeting... of course, there are only a few and the selection was completely un-objective and totally biased.
Enjoy and don't hesitate to send comments !

Lindau Harbor

The Nobels greet the visitors at the entry of the island

The Bayern lion

A Zeppelin over Lindau

The theatre where we had a nice concert

Lindau Old Townhall

The market place,
and inside one of its churches

En route to Mainau Island, through the Bodensee, by a sunny day...

India meets Pakistan...
(Malali Nil Sampoorna and Sumera Javeed)

Viva Brazil...
(Tatiana Rappaport and Solange Fagan)

Estonia meets Iran...
(Heli Lukner with Davoud Pouladsaz)

Mainau Island :

the castle

Cascade of Flowers... and Hundreds of butterflies !


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Photos & contact : Yaël Nazé - naze@astro.ulg.ac.be