Don't touch those high energy pictures !

As promised, here are some of the pictures I took during the INTEGRAL and the Saas-Fee schools.

Typical houses of Les Diablerets
Around the village
Not far from the village...
Vers l'Eglise
Lake of Hongrin (from left to right : Yael Nazé, Yael Fuchs and Stéphane Schanne)
Chillon Castle
Chillon Castle
Banquet: from left to right: S. Schanne, J. Rodriguez, C. Perrot, Y. Fuchs, G. Sala, S. Mateos Ibanez, E. Jimenez Bailon, C. Badenes and J. Vink
Banquet: from left to right : D. Cremonesi, N. Produit, M. Logossou, L. Lerusse, N. Mowlawi, M. Turler, A. Paizis and M. Uslenghi
Banquet: our professors...
from left to right : R. Sunyaev, T. Courvoisier, S. Kahn, P. Von Ballmoos, R. Walter and ?