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  1. A.M. Nierenberg, D. Gilman, T. Treu, et al. (incl. D. Sluse), 2019, MNRAS, submitted, Double dark matter vision: twice the number of compact-source lenses with narrow-line lensing and the WFC3 Grism [ |]
  2. K.C. Wong, S.H. Suyu, G.-F. Chen, et al. (incl. D. Sluse), 2019, MNRAS, submitted, H0LiCOW XIII. A 2.4% measurement of H0 from lensed quasars: 5.3$\sigma$ tension between early and late-Universe probes [ |]
  3. G. C.-F. Chen, C.D. Fassnacht, S.H. Suyu (incl. D. Sluse), 2019, MNRAS, accepted, A SHARP view of H0LiCOW: $H_0$ from three time-delay gravitational lens systems with adaptive optics imaging [ |]
  4. C.E. Rusu, K.C. Wong, V. Bonvin, D. Sluse, S.H. Suyu, et al. 2019, MNRAS, submitted, H0LiCOW XII. Lens mass model of WFI2033-4723 and blind measurement of its time-delay distance and $H_0$ [ |]
  5. D. Sluse, C.E. Rusu, C.D. Fassnacht et al. 2019, MNRAS, accepted, H0LiCOW X: Spectroscopic/imaging survey and galaxy-group identification around the strong gravitational lens system WFI2033-4723 [ |]
  6. V. Bonvin, M. Millon, J.H.H. Chan et al. (incl. D. Sluse), 2019, A\&A, submitted, COSMOGRAIL XVIII: time delays of the quadruply lensed quasar WFI2033-4723 [ |]
  7. P. Hartley, N. Jackson, D. Sluse, H.R. Stacey, H. Vives-Aria, 2019, MNRAS, 485, 3009, Strong lensing reveals jets in a sub-microJy radio-quiet quasar [ |]
  8. S. Birrer, S., T. Treu, T., C.E. Rusu, et al. (incl. D.Sluse) 2019, MNRAS, 484, 4726, H0LiCOW - IX. Cosmographic analysis of the doubly imaged quasar SDSS 1206+4332 and a new measurement of the Hubble constant [ |]
  9. D. Hutsemékers, L. Braibant, D. Sluse, R. Goosmann, 2019, A&A, 629, A43, Constraining the geometry and kinematics of the quasar broad emission line region using gravitational microlensing. II. Confronting models to observations in the lensed quasar HE0435-1223
  10. D. Hutsemékers, B. Borguet, D. Sluse, V. Pelgrims 2018, A&A, 620, 68, Optical linear polarization measurements of quasars obtained with the Very Large Telescope at Paranal Observatory
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  12. T. Hilbig, M. Weber, K. ramstedt et al. (incl. D.Sluse), 2018, Solar Physics, 293, 121 The New SCIAMACHY Reference Solar Spectral Irradiance and Its Validation
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  14. D. Paraficz, M. Rybak, J.P. McKean, S. Vegetti, D. Sluse et al., 2018, A&A, 613, 34, ALMA view of RX J1131-1231: Sub-kpc CO (2-1) mapping of a molecular disk in a lensed star-forming quasar host galaxy [ |]
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  19. D. Hutsemékers, B. Agis González, D. Sluse, C. Ramos Almeida, J.-A. Acosta Pulido, 2017, A&A, 604, L3, Polarization of the changing-look quasar J1011+5442 arXiv:1707.05540
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