Massive Stars and High-Energy Emission in OB Associations

     This workshop addresses recent developments in several hot topics related to massive star research. Recent analyses of the fundamental parameters of these important objects, of their interactions within binary systems as well as with their surroundings (including the feedback of massive stars on the formation of other stars) will be presented during this session. Special emphasis will be put on the results of the studies of OB associations and young open clusters with current high-energy space observatories (XMM-Newton, Chandra and INTEGRAL) which provide not only information on the massive stars, but also on pre-main sequence stars, supernovae, micro-quasars and their link to ultra-luminous X-ray sources.

Scientific committee for this workshop:

       Blomme RonnyROB, Belgium
       Gosset EricULg, Belgium
       Nazé YaëlULg, Belgium
       Rauw GregorULg, Belgium (chair)
       Swings Jean-Pierre    ULg, Belgium
       Vreux Jean-MarieULg, Belgium

Plenary Talks:

Monday - 4 July 2005       Room: 304
10h20~11h10 X-ray and Gamma-Ray Emission from Single and Binary Early-Type Stars
Ian R. Stevens

School of Physics & Astronomy University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Tuesday - 5 July 2005       Room: 304
09h50-10h40 Star-forming regions at high energies: the tip of the iceberg
Thierry Montmerle

Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Grenoble, Université Joseph-Fourier, France

Afternoon talks:

Monday - 4 July 2005       Room: S74
Session 1: Massive stars: general properties and peculiar objects (chair: Ronny Blomme)
13h35~14h15 Invited talk:
Fundamental Parameters of Massive OB stars in the Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies
A. Herrero
14h15-14h40 The peculiar Of?p stars HD108 and HD191612
14h40-15h05 XMM-Newton RGS Observations of zeta Orionis and their Implications for a new interpretation of the X-ray emission from O stars
A Pollock
15h05-15h30 NGC6231: five years of investigations
H. Sana
15h30-16h00 Coffee break
16h00-16h40 Invited talk:
X-ray Survey of Wolf-Rayet Stars in the Magellanic Clouds
M. Guerrero
Session 2: Colliding winds and non-thermal phenomena (chair Andre Bykov)
16h45-17h10 The colliding-wind binary WR140 - the particle acceleration laboratory
S. Dougherty
17h10-17h35 Non-thermal X-ray and Gamma-ray Emission from the Colliding Wind Binary WR140
J. Pittard
17h35-18h00 Observations of non-thermal radio emission in O-type stars
R. Blomme
Tuesday - 5 July 2005       Room: S74
Session 2: Colliding winds and non-thermal phenomena (chair Andre Bykov)
13h30-13h55 Can single O stars produce non-thermal radio emission?
S. Van Loo
13h55-14h20 Are WC9 Wolf-Rayet stars in colliding wind binaries?
P.M. Williams
14h20-14h45 The XMM-Newton view of Plaskett's star and its surroundings
N. Linder
14h45-15h15 Poster review
P. Eenens
15h30-16h00 Coffee break
Session 3: High energy emission in young open clusters and OB associations (chair Andy Pollock)
16h00-16h25 Energetic processes and nonthermal emission of starforming complexes
A. Bykov
16h25-16h50 X-raying the super star clusters in the Galactic Center
L. Oskinova
16h50-17h15 XMM-Newton observations of Cyg OB2
G. Rauw
17h15-17h35 General discussion
17h35-18h00 Poster session

List of posters for this session:

1. X-ray analysis of the close binary system FO15
J.F. Albacete Colombo et al.
2. A spectroscopic investigation of O-type stars in the open cluster IC 1805
M. De Becker et al.
3. Evidence for phase-locked X-ray variations from the massive colliding wind binary Cyg OB2 #8a
M. De Becker et al.
4. Preliminary results of an observational campaign aiming at the study of the binary system LSS3074
E. Gosset et al.
5. Searching for gamma-ray emission from OB associations with INTEGRAL, some preliminary results
J.-C. Leyder
6. The colliding winds of WR146 - seeing the works
E. O'Connor et al.
7. On the multiplicity of the non-thermal radio emitters 9Sgr and HD168112
G. Rauw et al.
8. CPD-41 7742: An unusual wind interaction.
H. Sana et al.
9. CN status of a sample of galactic OB supergiants
M. Sarta Dekovic et al.